Hockey Clean

Hockey Clean provides your gear hygienic, proactive results.

Hockey Clean has clinically proven results. It is the ONLY effective & proactive way to treat your equipment while maintaing the integrity of the protective element.

When repairing equipment Hockey Clean uses only OEM or equivalent OEM manufactured parts and materials to maintain original integrity, shape and protection. This includes our proprietary hygienic process.

Every Piece of Gear Is Inventoried

Each piece is colour coded and inventoried by player and if on a team, then by player --> team colour coding.

On Time

Over 30K cleaned sets of gear later and not one delay of game penalty! That's right! Not one client has missed a skate due to our service not being on time; not even due to inclement weather.


Hey, it is worth talking about to your team and league. It matters, it really does. With all that we have learned throughout a pandemic, Hockey Clean delivers a proven solution to the concern and have for over 14 years.

Social Transmission

Surface to person cross contamination and airborne spores are what attach to hockey gear and protective sports equipment in general. Hockey Clean stops that in it's tracks and acts proactively moving forward.


Gauge your frequency of play per week, multiply it by four, then divide the number of skates by three. That is the frequency you should have your gear in for treatment. For example, an adult who plays three times a week is on the ice twelve times a month. So divide twelve by three and every four months your equipment should be scheduled in.


Hockey Clean will pick up and drop off wherever you happen to have your gear and return to the same or different location on your direction. Teams are always picked up at one central location. Call or email for more details.

“Hockey Clean has provided HEROS Hockey with services to all our kids for over 10 years!”