Junior Player

$ 95 +HST
  • 48 HR Turn Around
  • Everything In The Bag

Junior Goalie

$ 120 + HST
  • 48 HR Turn Around
  • Yes, Pads Too!

Senior Player

$ 105 + HST
  • 48 HR Turn Around
  • Everything in The Bag

Senior Goalie

$ 135 + HST
  • 48 HR Turn Around
  • Yes, Pads Too!

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Repairs & Skate Sharpen
Repairs $35/HR + HST
Skate Sharpening $12+HST

Hockey Clean
Hockey Bag

The Bag is one of the highest microbial transference locations
of your gear. It gets cleaned. Wheeled bags are cleaned by hand and soft bags in extractors.

Repairs on this include rips, patching, straps and Velcro. No zipper replacement.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Elbow Pads

Elbow Pads: Made with layered wicking materials that do repel sweat, but still absorb a great deal. We get it done right!

Repairs:  Velcro, strap replacement, rips/tears and padding upgrade or replacement.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.


Gloves:  Gloves, being one of the highest concentration areas of contaminates, are hand scrubbed and then machine washed.

Repairs: Minor snags, tears and fray burning, otherwise we suggest re-palming. 

Glove re-palming is available in pairs only. $85

We use horse hide appropriated through natural and humane means.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.


Helmet Cage/Visor:  All is processed in cold water. It is hand scrubbed, using soft bristle brushes of various sizes allowing to get into all the areas of the helmet.

Repairs: This is the ONLY piece of gear that is part of CSA guidelines. We are permitted to replace foam liners, chin cups, straps clips and ear covers.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Athletic Cup

Jock Strap: Hygienic equipment keeps your skin clear and mitigates the risk of high sensitive areas.

Repairs: Cup replacement, Jill insert replacements, straps, Velcro, customization.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads: are very similar to the elbow and shin pads on construction. The layered non wicking and wicking materials lock in microbes. Hockey Clean processes this piece in the extractor. 

Repairs: Tears, Velcro, clips, caps, pads and PVC.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.


Skates: The most costly piece of gear in your bag. Again, cold water only, insoles and laces out. Each piece is processed by hand and air dried. 

Repairs: Tongue Replacement, Toe Cap Repair, Patching (if possible), Tendon Guard,  Lace Repalcement, Rivets, Rails (blades), Holders. 

In some cases we perform coring if you really want to attempt to keep an old pairs of skates. Most often, Grafs with any suede inner lining this happens.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min. 

$12 Sharpening

Shin Pads

Shin Pads: Composed to two pieces most often. The hard outer shell and the "shin-sert" (as we call it at HC). The insert is removed and washed in the extractor and as is the outer shell. 

Repairs: Minor breaks, straps, Velcro, Rebuild Inner Pad/Liner, Rips Inner Liners.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Hockey Pants

Hockey Pants: Layered padding creates a microbial lock down. Depending on the pant construction, as it does vary, shells are removed and all sections are inspected for integrity. Thereafter the gear is processed in the extractors.  

Repairs: Velcro, Straps, Pads, PVC, Lock Clips, Pad Replacement and Custom Sacrum Padding. 

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Polish $140+HST

Hockey Clean
Chest Protector

Chest Protector: During testing equipment at the clinic, chest protectors carried some of the highest counts of staphylococcus (bacteria) found by up to 15% more than any other piece! This is because it is a highly layered piece in high density foams and material wraps within each pad.

Repairs: Clips, Velcro, straps, Material Rips, Buckles, Clips and Pad Correction/Replacement & Modification.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Goalie Masks

Goalie Mask: This is hand processed in cold water and any items that are removable are individually cleaned. All clips are opened up as well during the process ensuring the integrity of the clip in the event of a shot hitting the mask or cage.

Repairs: Include foam, chin cups, clips and straps, skull cover/cap and also custom design... (one of our very own in 2017) artwork and graphic application on request.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.


Blocker: A vital piece of gear. Blockers are hand scrubbed inside and out. 

Repairs: They can be re-palmed (like a player's glove in horse hide), repaired, re-padded and new PVC protection inserted during repairs.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Goalie Pads

Goalie Pads: Yes, we do process the pads. Keep in mind, a goalie stops pucks! So no, we do not remove all the marks, we kill the microbes on the gear including the pads too!

Repairs include a polishing service for $120. No guarantee that all marks come out, but it is a huge improvement when selling to upgrade. Other repairs include almost every area of the goalie pad including modifications.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Goalie Skates

Goalie Skates: are hand scrubbed. Insoles are removed and individually scrubbed along with the laces.

Repairs on skates include tongue replacement, insoles replacement, laces, eyelets, tendon guards, binding, tuck/rivet replacement and blade replacement.

$35/HR 15/minute min.

$20 Sharpening

Goalie Pants

Goalie Pants: Layered wicking materials and pads with trap layers as well. Treated inside out most often, this is one of the longer drying pieces of gear in a kit.  This is processed in the extractors.

Repairs: All Padding, PVC, Shell rips, Waist Cinch, Baffle Front Padding, Lumbar Reinforcement, Sacrum Pad, General Repair

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Goalie Neck Guard

Neck Guard: One of the most important pieces of a goalie's kit. Neck guards are processed in the extractors. 

Repairs: Velcro, straps, added padding, foam and Felxorb.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Goalie Cup

Goalie Jock: Most better goalie jocks are double cupped. So they should be! The Velcro apart, we hand scrub the cups, (so you could drink from the Cup, ah, but don't!), then process the holder in the extractor.

Repairs: Depending on the PVC issue, All Straps, Clips and Padding.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Knee Pad/Guards

Knee Guards: These are quick drying pieces of gear. All processed in the extractor. 

Repairs: Velcro, Rips, Tears, PVC, Added Foam, Lining.

$35/HR 15 Minute Min.

Goalie Catcher

Catcher: Not unlike the blocker,
this piece of equipment must "feel
and fit right" otherwise
good luck stopping anything.
These pieces are all opened up,
initially pre-washed by hand
scrubbing the finger slots and
mesh as well as the palm
area and thumb.

Repairs: Re-lace web,
added padding, side lacing and
binding, added Velcro straps
(or new replacement).
All clarino, leather or horse
hide is used in
replacement material.


Hockey Clean

Always keep in mind we clean everything in the bag. Leave your two jerseys, socks, your undergarments and t-shirts. We will take care of it all so you have a clean “bill of equipment health” at all levels coming back.

Take the next step with our ‘Keep It Clean In Between!™’ solution, starting with one of our specially crafted drying racks.

Each player has their unique set of gear, from knee pads to elbow pads and beyond (especially goalies!). Our racks are designed to accommodate every piece, ensuring effective drying between skates.

Proper drying is key to maintaining hygiene and minimizing microbial growth in your equipment. Swift drying post-skate is crucial.

The ‘Keep It Clean In Between™’ Drying Rack serves as your initial proactive measure, extending the lifespan of your gear.

To get started, fill out our Drying Rack Design Request Form. Once received, we’ll create a 3D rendering of your custom rack.

You’ll receive an email with the design for your approval or revisions. Upon approval, we’ll send you an invoice for payment via EMT.

In cases of revisions, we’ll make adjustments based on your feedback. Eight out of ten units can be customized from our existing designs, expediting the process.

After completion, your rack will be assembled and delivered to your doorstep.

All units are paid for upon approval and typically take approximately 4 weeks to arrive.

The cost for this service is $120.00+, plus HST.